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Paper rolls for till printers and Credit card printers

Scale Labels


Using Apple devices - order at table is made easy, by linking the devices to Myepos terminals, with bar and kitchen printers.

Synchronise your front and back of house using one control centre - the key part for any business. MyEPOS has proved its ability to increase sales and table turnover. Track time at table, sales, margin, and trends all in realtime from the same management portal. Easily train staff using our simple and innovative design that anyone can master and impress your customers!

Integrated card terminal
If your business uses a till in its day-to-day operations, you could benefit hugely from installing an electronic point of sale (EPOS) system if you haven't already. Amongst plenty of additional capabilities, an EPOS system is used at till point to accept payments,... 

Order at Table

Myepos links to Apple devices. Ipad - Ipad Mini and Iphone. Full integration to Myepos till system with full order pad items and notes



MyEPOS knows one of the most annoying factors for waitresses, bar and kitchen staff alike, is having to make sure order slips are: a) Legible, b) end up in the right place and c) at the right time! MyEPOS allows you to specify what items print on which printer, prints timings and can also be electronically sent to the kitchen. MyEPOS will help you to easily keep track.

You have a busy cafe with multiple sections each with waiters and an EPOS unit. Say your waiter visits the table and take an order for 2 cocktails, 2 Pints, 4 Starters and 4 main courses. The waiter rings the items all in one transaction on the EPOS system and can go back to serving tables and interacting with customers which as you know is good for your business! The EPOS system automatically prints the coffee's to the bar and the food to the kitchen, in a legible easy to read format, saving time and money! You could also think about Kitchen Video that provides a clear screen with timings and orders to help your kitchen staff keep up.

Myepos card processing, fully integrates into to the Touch Terminal.

  • Faster Processing
  • Secure Transactions
  • Offer the same service as the major high street chains
  • Using Integrated Chip & PIN solutions protects you from mistakes through re-entering processes
  • No time-consuming work reconciling figures between the point of sales and the Chip & PIN terminal
  • Customised EPOS Systems

    Retail - Commercial Weighing & Labelling

    Calibrations for retail and commercial scales and torque devices

    Calibrations services

    Natasha's Law for allergen labelling

    We are importers of a comprehensive range of electronic balances, microbalances, counting scales, weighing instrumentation, indicators, load cells, industrial platforms and pallet truck scales. We are suppliers in the UK a for CAS scales. Technicians are available to advise on all weighing solutions and bespoke systems, our products are supported by a service and sales network that covers the UK. Dataweigh Systems Limited is an ISO Accelerator Company